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Proposed Medical Office Development
1140 Prince Avenue

Comments by Boulevard Neighborhood Residents

The following comments are from the meeting with the developer on July 19.
Comments are anonymous unless the writer left a name.

Could you incorporate more landscape/tree canopy (re: built up islands) into the parking structure? To help reduce the impact of excessive impervious surface, have you considered any green roofing techniques? Red brick and limestone banding would be a much better reference to Normaltown context (and its historical core - the Navy school).

Amy Andrews:
I don't have apreference for "white" versus red brick. However, the ornamentation (or lack thereof) planned for the building is minimal. The limestone trim is a good idea, but it still has the appearance of a big, post-modern plain box. The buildings shown as samples of what this building is modeled on are significant for their ornamentation at the roofline and at street level.
   I still object to the RM Zoning being changed to commercial. Arguing that other lots will be developed along Prince is irrelevant to this development. The SunTrust building, while deeper into the neighborhood is low-scale, surrounded by green space, has minimal parking and does not generate traffic!
   While there may be other developments for which no input is necessary, this project does rely on input and a "difficult sell" process. I feel it is incumbent on us, if we are going to lose residential space, to only "approve" a development that is compatible with the area.
   I don't object to a tall building and didn't object to the original 4 stories. My objection is an architecturally significant building which sets the tone for the inevitable development of adjacent commercial space. I don't think this development/building has attained that distinction as it's currently designed.

Bike racks out front. Keep green space in the back green. I'd like to see a park with benches and a playscape for the Community/neighborhood/medical complex. The fence should mimic the building material - perhaps with some iron as well. Bakery, arts cinema, café for retail.

Mary Porter
I have concerns about: rezoning residential and the precedent it would set and traffic generated; especially in the Boulevard neighborhood but also on Prince and King.

Jennifer Lewis
I would suggest moving the line of trees (indicates west side of building) to the outside of the side entrance sidewalk rather than putting the trees next to the building as shown. Shade and separation from cars.

Concern of building materials. Real brick and limestone or foam and dryvit? Need real trees on prince, not Crepe Myrtles. Break-up Prince frontage so it looks formal. Make a community pool in R-15 area. Develop building with LEEDS (?) standards. A brick wall around the parking lot. Planting trees on top of parking lot. Athens has a 52% vacancy with regard to medical facilities.

Please get a strong set up fence for the back-up to Hiawassee. This will help greatly with the project.

Red brick would tie building in to the Navy school, Normal hardware & other brick buildings along Prince.

Scale and massing are still too big for Prince. Nothing on Prince other than the hospital even comes close. Thanks for taking neighborhood concerns into account. How about a community pool in the RS 15 lot?

Would like to see a neighborhood bar (Allen's) in the retail space.

How is stormwater being handled?

Much better than the previous plan - defines street much better than the terraced pyramid look and smaller retail bays will be more attractive to local small business clients. You seem to have a much more clear sense of a healty way to channel the inevitable growth on Prince; if other buildings follow this example we may have many worries in terms of traffic but there would be good odds of a bustling corridor supporting a pedstrian lifestyle. My only wish is that it were residential space, not office space, but I guess that's not really up for debate.

Good improvements from previous plan. Pleased to see all three stories flush with street and continued use of ground floor retail. Would like to see larger caliper street trees planted on Prince for shade. Red brick exterior (Navy School). It would be ideal if offices in building could be accessed from sidewalk on Prince.

The plan should allow for ADA copliant traffic from Prince sidewalk into Offoce building lobby.

The developers' communication and response to the community is much appreciated. Thanks. Seems to me to be a good project with the latest changes. Also seems to be an adaptable structure for the unknown future but would be better in my view to have a street level (Prince) entrance as most any urban building does.

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