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Notes from July 19th meeting with Developer

Notes from neighborhood /developer meeting regarding the revised plans of 1140 Prince, July 19, 2004. Planning Commission auditorium. Presenters: Jon Cook, Abe Abouhamdan, Andrew Taylor. Also present Robert Griffith plus a cast of tens consisting of residents of Boulevard, Cobbham, King, Oglethorpe and Pulaski Heights.

Jon Cook explained that what we were about to see was the result of numerous discussions with neighbors, Planning staff and other interested parties. He noted that it has been a long process.

Abe introduced the changes, which include:

  • Decreased height to the functional equivalent of a three-story building by using the rear lot topography to "hide" the first floor.
  • Reduced building size from 86,000 sq. ft. to 72,000 sq. ft. (note: the majority of the square footage cut was from retail space - from 13,900 sq. ft. to 5,800 sq.ft.)
  • Eliminated the drive-through.
  • Only one curb cut on Nacoochee (this was the subject of several comments and the development team indicated they would explore all options to reduce traffic impact on the neighborhood).
  • Includes a privacy fence on the NW corner (the material to be used was also the subject of several comments).
  • Removed all but 22% of the RS 15 lot on the north side of the project from the plan and proposed including a clause that any structure built on that lot would be subject to a design review process similar to the Boulevard Historic District. (note: this is not a proposed annexation of the lot into the historic district. Also there were several questions as to whether the remaining portion of would be buildable or would be better used as open space/landscape buffer).
  • Lowered # of parking spaces from 364 to 322.

The question/answer period lasted 45 minutes.


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