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Buena Vista Heights Historic Designation Continues

A few months ago, residents of the Buena Vista Heights neighborhood of Boulevard submitted the official nomination form to be a local historic district. We submitted the form to the Planning Department, where the Historic Preservation Commission took a look at the report and suggested some changes. Most of these changes were simply double-checking dates for when buildings were built, and also noting the presence of any historic outbuildings also in the neighborhood.

One major change from the initial submission was of the boundary for the neighborhood. The presence of many landlord-owned homes on the east side of the neighborhood initially led the neighborhood committee to leave these out of the historic boundaries, but the members of the commission felt it was best to include them. The houses, all built around the turn of the century, are characteristic of the neighborhood and would be an asset if they are included in the district.

Show here is the updated map of the neighborhood, using current property lines, showing structures that are "contributing" to the overall historic nature of Buena Vista Heights. As you can see, there is a loit of history here. (Click map for a larger version)

The next step is to meet with the HPC's Designation Committee on Nov. 14 to go over the recent edits and work on anything else that needs to be edited in the nomination. That meeting will take place at noon Nov. 14 at the Planning Department office.

HBNA Fall 2011 Newsletter

Click here to view (pdf)

HBNA Summer 2011 Newsletter

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Buena Vista Heights Historic Designation

On May 24, residents of the Buena Vista Heights section of the Boulevard neighborhood hosted a presentation by historic preservationists Laura Kviklys and Ashley Barker at Normal Bar. The two recent UGA graduates completed the long-awaited survey of the neighborhood, and reported that it not only had historical significance but also retained a majority of historic structures. At this point, the greatest threat to the neighborhood is incompatible infill development, since nearly all of the non-historic homes have been built in the last 10 years.

Now, we have a survey report (pdf) available for download, plus a map showing the properties (jpg) deemed historic (contributing), not historic (non-contributing) and structures that "may be contributing. Homes that fall into this third category do so mainly because of either changes made to the home since it was built, or neglect.

Please note that while Laura and Ashley surveyed the entire neighborhood, the proposed boundaries of the Buena Vista local historic district fall within the National Register boundaries. Our base map that we used for illustrative purposes is from the National Register designation done in the 1990s, so some infill has happened since then -- we've tried to fill in the new property lines as best we can, but the bottom line is, all properties have been surveyed, final construction dates now noted and all colors represent what is present in the neighborhood. The report has been submitted to the Athens-Clarke Planning Department, where it will be reviewed and then determined whether it will go on to the mayor and commission. Residents also will have another say in the matter, when the planning department sends out a vote to each resident and property owner before it goes to the mayor and commission for a final vote.

Heirloom Café & Fresh Market at 815 N. Chase St. (the former Amoco station)

Application for Distance Waiver Permit. (pdf)
Boulevard Steering Committee letter of Support to Mayor and Commission. (doc)


Heirloom Café & Fresh Market is a farm to table café and gourmet market that is scheduled to open at 815 N. Chase St., in the former Amoco station, in late Spring 2011. View a project concept description, some sample menu items, and copies of the plans that include the SE perspective, proposed site plans and interior elevations.

Heirloom Announcement and Description (ms word doc)

Southeast Perspective (pdf 1.05 mb)
Proposed Site Plan (pdf .7 mb)
Proposed Interior Elevations (pdf .5mb)

HBNA Fall 2010 Newsletter

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We would like to acknowledge and thank the sponsors who helped our neighborhood school, Chase Elementary School with their “Race for Chase” held Saturday, March 27, 2010.

  • REM
  • Marti’s at Midday
  • Ike & Jane
  • 1000 Faces Coffee
  • Bread Basket Food Stores
  • Healthy Smiles
  • Environmental Resource Technologies, Inc.
  • Classic City Roller Girls
  • The Boulevard Neighborhood Association
  • Chastain, Jenkins, & Leathers
  • The Manhattan Cafe
  • Harry’s Pig Shop
  • Boulevard Property Management
  • Bell’s Food Stores
  • Waterman Spring Water
  • Publix
  • Dr. Anthony DeMarco
  • Flagpole

Several of these sponsors also assisted the Boulevard Neighborhood Association with their table of food and drink before, during, and after the “Race for Chase”: Marti’s at Midday, Ike and Jane, 1000 Faces Coffee, Bell’s Food Stores, Publix, and The Grit.
Thank you for your continued support of our neighborhood activities!

HBNA Fall 2009 Newsletter

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Buena Vista neighborhood going for historic designation

Let the fundraising begin!

With a bake sale and hot-dog cookout during the neighborhood clean-up day, Buena Vista residents successfully started a pot to pay a professional to survey thier neighborhood for local historic district consideration.

But they have a long way to go. So, as summer officially gets underway, they be back to the drawing board in terms of organizing neighborhood events and, specifically, fundraisers, to further the cause. Be on the lookout for updates to the Facebook page, along with something on your door -- depending on which part of the Boulevard neighborhood you live in -- about upcoming neighborhood events or how you can help. Or, e-mail Kristen Morales at kbergman (at)

Visit our Facebook page and be a fan!

HBNA Spring 2009 Newsletter

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Garden Club Calendar 2008-2009

BNA Party at Little Kings - August 29

There will be a neighborhood party sponsored by the BNA Augusta 29 from 4-6 at Little Kings. Kids welcome. More details to come.

Boulevard Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting
Monday, November 17 – 6:30 p.m.
Little King Shuffle Club (downtown, corner of Hull and Hancock)

Catch up with your neighbors, renew your membership, and let the BNA hear what’s on your mind!

Agenda includes:
-Election of officers
-Normaltown/Prince Ave. developments
-Historic district expansion efforts
-Neigborhood park planning efforts

Boulevard Garden Club Events:

Retro Scarecrow Contest
Entry deadline Wed., Oct. 29, 5 p.m.
View Entry Form/Events Flyer (pdf)

Judging on Thursday, Oct. 30

Create a scarecrow in honor of your favorite bygone era…. Only residents* of the Boulevard neighborhood and members of the Boulevard Gardening Club are eligible to enter. Scarecrows must be visible from the street. - *includes businesses, churches, schools, etc. First, 2nd, & 3rd place winners announced at 5;30 p.m. at the Fall Fest at Chase St. Elementary on Friday, Oct. 31. The $5 entry fee & form should be dropped in the box on porch or mailed to 397 Boulevard, Athens, GA 30601 by Wed., Oct. 29.

Fourth Annual Bulb Sale
The Boulevard Gardening Club has ordered 3 different daffodil varieties this year— big, early-blooming Pinza (4 for $5); creamy white Ice Follies (6 for $5); and the orange-cupped miniature Tete-a-Tete (6 for $5). Email annwic(at) to place your order by Monday, October 27. Bulbs can be picked up at the Fall Fest at Chase St. Elementary on Oct. 31 between 4–6 p.m. We hope to raise enough money to provide a daffodil bulb for every student at Chase St. The kids will plant these themselves and look forward to the blooms come spring. Cash donations to this project are welcome!

Fall Fest at Chase St. Elementary
Friday, October 31, 4-6 p.m.
Scarecrow contest winners announced at 5:30!
Come pick up your bulbs and enjoy a cake walk (proceeds go to Chase St. garden projects), games, food,
and a costume contest & parade for the kids!

HBNA Summer 2008 Newsletter

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HBNA Spring 2008 Newsletter

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Athens Regional Medical Center Construction Update – February 2008

View a slideshow of the planned construction.

Slide # 6 illustrates the finished appearance of the South Tower expansion, all other slides related to the South Tower expansion are to illustrate construction progress only.



As part of Planting Prince,  over 30 volunteers from the Boulevard Gardening Club, Boy Scout Troup 22 and the Community Tree Council gathered on Saturday, February 23, 2008 to plant 25 dogwoods along Prince Avenue between Milledge and Pulaski. Working in partnership with the CTC's Trees for Tomorrow program, Planting Prince was sponsored by the Boulevard Neighborhood Association and the Historic Cobbham Foundation, with financial assistance from Heyward Allen Motor Company, R.E.M., the Athens Grow Green Coalition and private individuals.

Members of the Boulevard Gardening Club

Members of the Boulevard Gardening Club and Scout Troup 22

Members of Scout Troup 22

Members of Community Tree Council



December 7, 2007

Dear Neighbors

In 2004, over one thousand Athens-Clarke County residents participated in CAPPA, a Community Approach to Planning Prince Avenue, a facilitated approach to visualizing the future of Prince Avenue. Based on our survey responses, the mature tree canopy - specifically the dogwoods lining Prince, was consistently referenced when asked what people liked most about Prince Avenue. It’s no surprise that one of the recommendations from the CAPPA process was Planting Prince – a program designed to maintain the dogwoods lining our gateway to downtown Athens. I am happy to invite you to participate in the first stage of this initiative.

Through the Community Tree Council’s (CTC) Trees for Tomorrow program, various organizations have joined together to raise funds to plant 20 dogwoods in the right-of-way along Prince Avenue between Pulaski Street and Milledge Avenue. The trees will be planted and maintained by ACC staff and recorded as legacy trees – continuing the rich tradition of community support for the dogwoods lining Prince Avenue.

I am asking you to continue the tradition of maintaining the tree canopy on Prince Avenue by making a tax-deductible donation to the Community Tree Council in support of the Planting Prince initiative. Please help continue the legacy of dogwoods on Prince Avenue by making a contribution to Planting Prince. Please see the attached brochure to learn the history of the dogwoods on Prince and consider a contribution today!. (print contribution form)

Sincerely, Tony Eubanks
Chair, Boulevard Neighborhood Association

P.S. I realize many would question planting new trees in a time of drought. Dogwoods are fairly drought tolerant and these trees will be watered initially with rainwater harvested from ACC property.

New Street Trees from ACC

The Boulevard neighborhood will be graced with 24 new street trees in January, 2008, as part of the ACC Community Tree Program (CTP). The CTP was established to professionally manage our community's public and private tree resources and part of that management includes public tree planting.

The sites and tree species were selected by our county forester, Andrew Saunders. The criteria for site selection were need and plantable space in the right of way, which is often limited by overhead power lines. The species to be planted were selected based on size given the available space, budget constraints and variety. The trees will be watered with rainwater harvested from ACC property

Click to view map (jpg)
Click to view legend (list of trees/locations) (jpg)

F R E S H  (Footprint, Roof Shape, Envelope, Skin, and Holes)

As intown neighborhoods grow and density increases, infill development projects seem to get more controversial. In an effort to provide a framework for evaluation and discussion of individual infill proposals, we offer the FRESH approach. Developed by Pratt Cassity and his team at the office of Public Service and Outreach at UGA, the FRESH approach explains essential charecteristics of appropriate infill development in layman's terms. We hope you find this helpful and appreciate Pratt letting us use it.

See: (2.19mb pdf)


How dense is too dense?

October 2006

Boulevard is fast becoming one of the premier neighborhoods in Athens Clarke County. Builders are looking for any and every available lot (or trying to create new ones), and trying to squeeze every penny in profit once they find it. This has led to the inevitable strains as some say keep the status quo while others welcome the chance for increased services available in short distances that result from higher density.

To facilitate discussion, this article provided by Pratt Cassity, highlights some of the questions we must answer as to how we see our neighborhood's future.

Dense, Denser, Denser Still
Perceptions can mislead when it comes to units per acre.
By Ruth Eckdish Knack, AICP August 2002 American Planning Association

We would like to hear your thoughts, email or better yet, send your comments through the Boulevard listserv.


Annual Scarecrow Contest Winners (October 2007)

Funniest -265 Barber Street

Most original -533 Nantahala

Scariest- 138 Virginia Ave.

2nd Annual Fall Festival and Halloween Parade
Sunday, October 2. - Click for more info.

BNA Comments for June 2007 Historic Preservation

View PDF: junehpc.pdf

Spring Newsletter

Click here for pdf

Annual Meeting

At our Annual Meeting, to be held on Monday, November 12, 2007 at the Little Kings Club from 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm, we will vote to amend the Boulevard Neighborhood Association Bylaws. The proposed amendments include:
•Division of the Membership/Programs into two separate positions,
•Altering the Neighborhood Association boundaries to include all of Pulaski Heights,
•Specifically allowing email communication for BNA business,
and are endorsed by the current BNA Steering Committee. The Bylaws and proposed amendments are included on the reverse side of this page.

The Annual Meeting will also include election of the 2008 Steering Committee as well as a panel discussion of the Historic Designation process with Athens-Clarke County Preservation Planner Amber Mason and Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation Director Amy Kissane.

The Little Kings Club is located on the corner of Hull and Hancock. Admission is free and open to the public.

The Evolution of Lyndon Ave.

The northern end of Lyndon Avenue
is undergoing major changes with significantly more to come. Drew Dekle has been granted HPC approval for two "new construction" homes and one demo/rebuild on Lyndon. Another demo/rebuild proposal at the corner of Lyndon and Cohen (revised plans below) will be heard by the HPC on February 21 (5:30 p.m. 120 Dougherty). Tom Ellis has received HPC approval for two new construction homes, one on Cain and one on Cohen. The third proposal, at 160 Cohen will be heard by the HPC on February 21. Mr. Ellis owns six more lots in this block.

Thank you.


160 Cohen

Tom Ellis has submitted plans for the third of his nine lots on Cain and Cohen. The proposal for 160 Cohen will be heard at the February 21 HPC meeting; 5:30 p.m. at the Planning offices, 120 Dougherty.

Site Plan (pdf)
Elevations (pdf)
Garage (pdf)
Streetscape (pdf)
Rearside Elevation (pdf)


325 Lyndon
Revised proposal on Feb 21 HPC agenda

The owners of the property located at 325 Lyndon Avenue (on the corner of Cohen and Lyndon) have petitioned the HPC for a demolition/newconstruction permit. This
item is on the February 21 HPC agenda. 5:30 p.m. at 120 Dougherty St.

New plans:
Front/Rear Elevations (pdf)
South Side Elevation (pdf)
North Side Elevation (pdf)
Site Plan (pdf)

Old plans:
site plan (jpg)
front view (jpg)
southern profile (jpg)
view from cohen st. (jpg)
west elevation/rear view (jpg)


131 Cain Street (behind 357 Lyndon Ave)
Approved by HPC

After being tabled at the December 20, 2006 HPC meeting, Tom Ellis has resubmitted plans for 131 Cain St. This item, which is the second of nine homes planned for this block, will be heard at the January 17, 2007 HPC meeting. 5:30 p.m. at 120 Dougherty.

Tom Ellis - thomascellis(at)

A location map of the properties for which the COAs have been requested is available by clicking on the address of the item on the full agenda. Locate the full Historic Preservation Commission agenda at:

View site plans/drawings:

131 Cain Street COA Application (ms word doc)
East Elevation (jpg)
North Elevation (jpg)
Site Plan and Streetscape Elevation (jpg)

Previous Application tabled by HPC on December 20, 2006:
Cain Street site Plan (jpg)
Street Scape (jpg)
Front Elevation (pdf)
Side Elevation (pdf)


345 Lyndon Ave
Approved by HPC

345 Lyndon Ave 12-03-06 Attic Roof Plan 12-03-06 (1).pdf
345 Lyndon Ave 12-03-06 Block Plan 12-03-06 345 LYNDON (1).pdf
345 Lyndon Ave 12-03-06 Double Door Exisitng Houses 12-03-06 (1).pdf
345 Lyndon Ave 12-03-06 Existing Block Elevation 12-03-06 (1).pdf
345 Lyndon Ave 12-03-06 Existing East Elevation 12-03-06 (1).pdf
345 Lyndon Ave 12-03-06 Existing North and South Elevation 12-03-06 (1).pdf
345 Lyndon Ave 12-03-06 Existing West Elevation 12-03-06 (1).pdf
345 Lyndon Ave 12-03-06 pictures of houses On Block 12-03-06 (1).pdf
345 Lyndon Ave 12-03-06 Proposed Block Elevation 12-03-06 (1).pdf
345 Lyndon Ave 12-03-06 Proposed Block Plan 12-03 -06 (1).pdf
345 Lyndon Ave 12-03-06 Proposed East Elevation 12-03-06 (1).pdf
345 Lyndon Ave 12-03-06 Proposed Living Floor Plan 12-03-06 (1).pdf
345 Lyndon Ave 12-03-06 Proposed North Elevation 12-03-06 (1).pdf
345 Lyndon Ave 12-03-06 Proposed West Elevation 12-03-06 (1).pdf
345 Lyndon Ave 12-03-06 Single Door Exisitng Houses 12-03-06 (1).pdf
345 Lyndon Ave 12-03-06 Site Plan 12-03-06 (1).pdf
345 Lyndon Ave 12-03-06 Proposed South Elevation 12-03-06 (1).pdf

Chase Street School Remodeling/Reconstruction

View current exterior elevation drawings of the new sections of Chase Street School.

The Boulevard Neighborhood Yard Sale

Sat. May 5th, 9am – 12pm

* Main Sale at the intersection of Chase and Boulevard.
* sales also on Virginia, Park and Hiawassee Avenues.

Donations accepted from neighbors on Fri., May 4th from 5-8pm at old Sunday School.
Proceeds to benefit the newly formed Chase Street Elementary PTO!

Printable Map (pdf)
Flyer (pdf)


Q and A with Chase Street School Principal and Assistant Principals - Jan 30

The Boulevard Neighborhood Association and the Historic Cobbham Foundation will co-host a presentation/ Q and A with Chase Street School Principal Dr. Bonnie Jackson and Assistant Principals Adam Kurtz and Arlyn Hawley on Tuesday, January 30 from 5:30-7:00 p.m. at the Lyndon House Arts Center. The purpose of the meeting is to provide information so that parents considering Chase Street School can make an informed decision. Topics to be discussed are faculty, staff and technological support, new construction, class sizes, test scores, attendance and registration information. The meeting is free and open to the public. The Lyndon House Arts Center is located at 293 Hoyt Street (behind Fire Station #1 off of College Avenue).

Emmanuel Church - Pope Street Houses

685 and 693 Pope Street.

August 2006

On Wednesday, August 16, the Historic Preservation Commission voted unanimously to deny Emmanuel Church's petition to relocate the structure at 685 N. Pope St. to the vacant lot at the corner of Barber and Barrow.
BNA Position Statement on the Certificate of Appropriateness Applications (pdf)

Attached are the Emmanuel COAs to be considered at the August HPC meeting on August 16. The first is for the relocation of 685 Pope Street and the second is for
the plan for the lot at 228 Barber to which 685 is proposed to be relocated.

685 Pope Street COA Application- August 06 (pdf)
228 Barber Street COA Application - August 06 (pdf)

Also see the revised HP Ordinance language (pdf) for demolitions and relocations; it was adopted in June.

View previous info.

Old Church Building on Chase St. Rezoned

July 2006
Plans submitted for the rezoning were approved by the Mayor and Commission.

See plans and other information that has been posted here previously.

Chase Street School Remodeling/Reconstruction

View the final plan (April 25, 06) and read an Article from the Athens Banner Herald, (April 22, 06)

ARMC and Brickyard Creek.

April 2, 2006
As most of you are aware, ARMC purchased the Brickyard Creek lot behind Eckerd and adjacent to Hiawassee Avenue. Citizens for Healthy Neighborhoods representatives were asked by ARMC to prepare a plan for our suggested use of this lot as that area of Prince Avenue develops. Our team of neighbors, ecologists and landscape architects deserve a huge thanks for doing such a thorough and professional job.

We urge you to read the Hiawassee report with the understanding that this is our preferred treatment of this parcel of land and our desire is subject to negotiations with ARMC.

View report:
Citizens for Healthy Neighborhoods Report to the ARMC Community Advisory Committee on Recommendations for Use of the Hiawassee Avenue Property March 24, 2006 (pdf)

Also, click here to view ARMC documents regarding current status of Brickyard Creek and their application to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to pipe the stream.

Hiawassee Block Party - Thanks Y'all!

Thanks to everyone who attended the Hiawassee Block Party on Sunday March 26. Special thanks to Kerry Hogan for all her help in setting up and keeping things running smoothly and to Whitnie Thompson and Good Dirt for providing the kids' activities.

An extra special thanks goes to Ted and Jessica Hafer of the Grit for the very generous donation of delicious chili, slaw, and cheese as well as Grit bucks for the contest winners. Thank you also to Daily Groceries for donating tofu dogs to keep the vegetarians among us satiated. Be sure to patronize these local businesses and let them know how much we appreciate them in our community!

And the contest winners are....

Colm O'Reilly and his shaggy dog Jack tied with Megan Baer and her little black dog as winners of the owner/dog lookalike contest

First place in the cookie bake-off went to Melissa Link's orange coconut macaroons. Kerry Hogan's chocolate chip cookies and Kazuko Broocks Wonder Bars tied for second place. Carole Holmes' powdered sugar-coated nutty crescents took third place.

Thanks to all who brought tasty treats and thanks to our highly qualified panel of young judges: Zachary Taylor, Mary Merritt, Sarah DeStefano, Mika Broocks, Sage O'Reilly, and Margaret McCallister.

Your Tax Assessment Online

At the November 14, 2005 annual HBNA meeting, Kirk Dunagan from the ACC tax assessors office outlined the process for assessing property values. You can see your current assessment (and your neighbor's) online at:

The Fall Newsletter
Download a copy here. (295k pdf)

View Proposed Master Plan for Chase Street School with Aerial Photograph



ARMC Emergency Room Expansion Plans
July 28, 2005

Click here for site plans and and minutes from the Community Advisory Committee

Coming Soon: Jittery Joe's

Click here to see what can happen when developers seek neighborhood input!

McDonald's plans to rebuild at 1124 Prince Ave.

April 2005- View plans and meeting minutes regarding the proposed project.
Proposed Elevation Illustrations (jpg)
Proposed Plan (pdf)
Existing Layout (pdf)
Meeting Minutes March 28 (doc)

Donderos' Kitchen: Before and After Images
Donderos' Kitchen is a proposed market at 584 N. Milledge Ave (between Hill and Cobb Streets) that wishes to cater to pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Because GDOT controls Milledge, the owners are being asked to widen the driveway to 24' (as opposed to the 14' existing drive). See photos that depict the property as it stands now and a rendition of what GDOT requirements might entail.

The Spring Newsletter is out. If you can't find a printed copy, here's the pdf version.

1140 Prince Ave.
January 2005 - The developer Taylor & Mathis has opted to withdraw plans to build the medical office complex proposed for 1140 Prince Avenue. Read Tony Eubanks' article summing up the situation.

Browse the archive of over 30 news articles, many documents, and images related to the project.

CAPPA Process Results Online
Members of the neighborhood participated in a months long process to envision the future of Prince Avenue. Learn more about CAPPA and see the Slideshow prestented at the October 2004 Public Forum.

Boulevard Houses
See new infill homes, renovations, and some before and after pictures.

Waking Up the Neighborhood
On Sunday, June 8, 2003 members from the Historic Boulevard, Historic Cobbham, Pulaski Heights, King and Oglethorpe Avenues joined together to host the first annual Waking Up the Neighborhood party on the grounds of Chase Street School. The party was the first in what have become regular events bringing together in-town neighbors. In addition to grilled burgers and dogs (both meat and veggie), the neighborhood associations provided corn on the cob, watermelon and drinks while individuals contributed their favorite covered dish. Organized events included whiffleball, a bike safety demonstration hosted by BikeAthens and the hit of the day - Goofy Golf - with various neighbors creating 9 of the most unusual putt-putt holes ever seen. In addition, the party featured "intellectual exercise" stations wherein neighbors could learn of projects either underway or planned that could have significant impact on the area. The day concluded with a walk-in movie at the Old Jail. Three Cherry trees were planted on the school grounds as a token of appreciation for allowing us the use of school property.

By every measure the event was a huge success and the 2nd annual event has been scheduled for the 1st Saturday in June (the 5th) 2004. Walk-in movies are still being held on the 1st Saturday of every month weather permitting. 

view more photos from the event

In December of 2002 members of the Historic Boulevard Neighborhood Association set out luminairies on Grady Ave. and portions of Prince and Boulevard. Residents of Grady were encouraged to minimize on street parking for the evening.

Grady Ave.



Contact the HBNA: